Why do you charge a fee for consulting and planning when others offer the same for free?


Not only do I believe that one gets what one pays for, but I believe it is more fundamentally about respect. When you hire someone for their advice, you are more apt to pay attention… I know I would. But much more importantly, what to you truly get for free? Whoever offers something for nothing ultimately has an ulterior motive, they will have to say (or agree to do) what ever is necessary to get you to hire them. By charging a fair fee I get to be completely honest – the customer IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!! Just because you want something, it may not be the best or right choice… that’s why we call in a consultant; to get alternate views. If you know what you want, regardless, I may not be your guy… I won’t do the wrong thing for you, or my reputation.  I tend to wield honesty like a sledge-hammer sometimes when dealing with hard headed customers, but the simple fact is, that is what you hire me for, to give you the respect of what I believe is correct – right?


Can you provide references?


I’ll happily start each consultation by handing you a list of previous customers if you wish.

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