Almost always, when presented with the completed design, folks ask “How much if you do it?” I will usually have an estimate prepared, but you are under no obligations to hire me… I love helping folks who like to do things themselves (or make their kids do it)! But, if you should decide to hire me, any monies paid previously for the consultation phase and the planning phase both may be applied all, or in part, to the project you elect to have me perform.
An example:
You have invited me out for the initial consultation for which I am paid $150 for my time and efforts; we then design a plan valued at $350; $500 paid to date. If you were to choose to hire me to effect the entire plan, all at one time, you would receive $500 credit towards the labor portion of the whole job… But, let’s say you only wish me to perform a portion of the planned project (plant a large tree), and you (and your kids) are going to finish the project “at a later date”, only a portion of the original $500 would be applied.
To plant the tree: Tree cost $150, labor $125, credit applied $25, Total due upon tree planting $250(+ tax), remaining credit = $475.

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