Many times folks will ask me to create a landscape plan. Using simple crayons and Manila paper…Ok, pencil (a sharp one) and graph paper I create simple, easy to follow plans. If the area to be planned is small enough, or the plan simple enough, it can be done on sight during the initial ‘consultation’. Typically I will spend a portion of the consultation period taking measurements and pictures of the area to be designed, then offer an estimate for the amount of time it may take to complete your plan; smaller yards only an extra three or four hours, while some of the larger I’ve done in the past took up to twelve+ hours. A follow up visit will be scheduled to review your plan, cover any questions and discuss possible modifications. Plans will always come with a recommended plant list, including recommended plant sizes and, if requested, a source list. I always have an example of a previous plan with me, or the latest I’m working on at that moment. The fee for plan drawing runs $50 per hour; I ask that we know going in to the initial consultation if a plan will be involved, so as to make sure we have time to take measurements etc… better to know in advance, than to spend our initial two hours yakking’ then decided “Well, maybe we oughta have a plan”… that is when we run in to ‘overtime’. There is no additional fee for the follow-up consultation.

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