A lot of you good folks are interested in ‘do-it-yourself’ type projects, happy to get your hands dirty, and take on home improvement yourselves. A little sound advice is all that’s needed to get you going in the right direction. The big box stores, well… lets’ face it, rarely do they have a clue about landscape design, drainage issues, or “why the grass keeps dieing in this one spot”. True nurseries seldom make house calls any more and trying to get detailed help with a good sized project without seeing, touching, and feeling just doesn’t cut the mustard!
My general consultation involves a two hour visit, scheduled Monday-Friday between 9am and 4pm; yup… my weekends are as important to me and my family as yours are to you. Appointments after standard work hours are entertained on an individual basis. The standard fee for basic consultation is $150 for the initial two hours, with an additional $50 for any hour, or part there of, after. If you are absolutely positive your “little project won’t take that long” we can do an hour for $100… but most of these appointments do run long, cause lets face it – if you can’t tell already – I like to talk!

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